February Volunteer of the Month: Shawna Pitts

February 29, 2012 Ashley 0 comments

Atlanta Birth Center Volunteer of the MonthOur volunteer of the month for February is Shawna Pitts. She is a talented graphic designer who has been on board with us since the beginning, and is the artistic creator behind our logo (which you can see to the left). Shawna has dedicated countless hours in designing for Atlanta Birth Center and has been responsible for maintaining a cohesive and high-end quality to all our marketing pieces.

Atlanta Birth Center: What is your background?

Shawna: I studied Communications at Florida State University, but for all the wrong reasons – mainly because it was considered an “easy” degree path. I didn’t have a clue about what might interest me (or what I’d be good at) as a working professional. I hold minors in Humanities and Fine Art. I moved to Atlanta in 2001 and worked for Turner Broadcasting for several years. In the last 6 years I have worked as a contracted Market Researcher and Marketing professional. In addition to the market research work, I currently assist my father-in-law’s litigation and mediation practice and freelance Graphic Design. Graphic Design is my passion and I am completely self-taught.

Atlanta Birth Center: How did you get involved and what contributions have you made to Atlanta Birth Center?

Shawna: I mentioned to Anjli during a yearly exam that I was taking on more freelance graphic design work, and if she ever needed any graphics-related help with her birth center enterprise that I would love to be involved. I created the logo and have designed all the print marketing and fundraising materials to date.

Atlanta Birth Center: What has been your motivation for donating your time to Atlanta Birth Center?

Shawna: I’m motivated for a lot of reasons. I have a tremendous amount of admiration, respect, and appreciation for the founders. It is easy to give in consideration of all that they have done, are doing, and intend to do for women in this city. I realize that making this dream a reality is a huge endeavor that can only be achieved through the grassroots efforts of those who believe it can (and needs) to be accomplished. And selfishly – because I feel some sense of ownership in the process and its outcome. I am vested; my name, time, and energy are imprinted – and therefore, I am sorta locked in. It’s my baby.

Atlanta Birth Center: What has been your favorite part about your role as a volunteer?

Shawna: The overwhelming positive feedback and appreciation is certainly nice. Knowing that you are doing good work for people and a mission that you feel so passionately about is very gratifying. I have met a ton of really amazing people, made new friends, and feel honored to be a part of such an exciting and important venture.

Shawna PittsAtlanta Birth Center: Anything else you’d like to share?

Shawna: Just a giant THANK YOU to all the volunteers. To Margaret, Brad, and Anjli for having the courage, strength, and passion to be pioneers – to GO BIG! For believing they can make a difference and that people will support their vision. (And does anyone know Oprah? Ted Turner? Donald Trump? Bill Gates? Justin Beiber? P. Diddy? Some super-sized financial support would be awesome.)

We are indebted to Shawna for her passion and her talent. Thank you, Shawna, for your labor of love in creating our logo and designs. Atlanta Birth Center has an identity and we welcome all to be a part of it! If you’re in need of a freelance designer, we encourage you to check out Shawna’s portfolio on her website and contact her there.

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team? Contact info@atlantabirthcenter.org or join our Facebook group for more volunteer opportunities.

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