We need your help to make sure every parent in the Atlanta metro area is aware of Atlanta Birth Center. But most importantly, we need to reach beyond our birthing community to parents throughout the country who are unaware that they have more birth options. There are several ways you can help by spreading the word.


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Are you a photographer? We’d love to include your pictures in our photo galleries and also on our blog. We use pictures of newborn babies, pregnant mothers and their families, labor and birth. We would especially love pictures of our midwives, as well as any pictures from our events. Just contact info@atlantabirthcenter.org if you are interested in helping. We will credit you with every use, and watermarks are fine.


A simple donation can make a big difference in our vision of a of community where birth is embraced as the most fundamental part of a conscious and connected human experience, where womens’ voices are heard and medical intervention is a necessary exception – not the norm.  . Find out how your tax-deductible contribution can help us achieve this vision and impact the lives of numerous babies and families by emailing info@atlantabirthcenter.org.

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If you prefer to make your tax-deductible donation via mail, please make checks payable to Atlanta Birth Center, and use our mailing address below.

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Atlanta Birth Center is a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status as a IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Your funds will enable our organization to further our purpose of developing an accredited birth and wellness facility in Atlanta, providing family-centered and evidence-based care, accessible to all.  No goods or services were provided to you in exchange for this contribution.