March Volunteer of the Month: Ashley Borrego

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Atlanta Birth Center Volunteer of the MonthOur volunteer of the month of March is Ashley Borrego. Without Ashley, our entire website and blog might not exist – and they certainly wouldn’t look as pretty! Ashley maintains Atlanta Birth Center’s website and blog. She donates many hours a week editing website and blog content, managing a team of bloggers, and staying abreast of the ever-changing media world. Until the last several months, Ashley also managed all of our social media sites. Having the Atlanta Birth Center exist as a virtual village at present, without physical bricks and mortar, has been instrumental in moving forward.

Atlanta Birth Center: What is your background?

Ashley: I have a degree in Graphic Arts from Taylor University and worked in the field until my daughter was born, when I switched to just part-time freelance. Mostly, I really enjoy making things pretty. I started out doing print design, but have moved more into web design due to the demand. My husband is a programmer and web developer, so he helps me a lot with the technical aspects of a website. While I may prefer to be behind the scenes, I really enjoy learning about how people communicate. Pursuing the social media aspect of managing a brand’s web presence has been a natural progression for me.

Atlanta Birth Center: How did you get involved and what contributions have you made to Atlanta Birth Center?

Ashley: I wasn’t able to attend the community meeting back in December of 2010, but the thought of a birth center in Atlanta definitely made my ears perk up. After the meeting, someone posted to Facebook Tim Harrison’s first draft of the layout of the future birth center, and when I looked over that, I was very excited. I told myself, I *must* do what I can to make this happen! I emailed Intown Midwifery with an interest in volunteering, was invited to an initial volunteer meeting back in April of 2011, and I guess you could say the rest is history. 🙂 I started out first with our Facebook page, taking a class last spring about how to use Facebook to market your business. I “hired” a team of volunteers to help me with daily updates to Facebook and Twitter. They are a great team, and last month one of those volunteers took over the role of managing our social media so I could focus more on our website. My other responsibility has been our web presence in general, and specifically our website, which I designed and currently maintain. I have a team of bloggers who help me keep our blog updated, and I try to stay on top of all the updates and changes needed for the rest of the website. I work closely with our graphic designer, Shawna, to maintain a coherent look to everything that is put forth representing Atlanta Birth Center. It’s been a lot of fun and I am glad I have been able to use my skills and interests to further the cause of bringing birth back to Atlanta!

Atlanta Birth Center: What has been your motivation for donating your time to Atlanta Birth Center?

Ashley: My daughter’s birth had a profound impact on my view of childbirth – my birth story is published here on our blog. I am passionate about giving women the opportunity to have the birth they desire, and I really feel that a birth center is essential to seeing that happen. I am constantly inspired by our midwives, Margaret and Anjli, and our OB, Dr. Bootstaylor, and their devotion to see birth in Atlanta transformed to a point where women are able to have a normal birth; that are getting only the interventions they need, and no more than that. I truly love working with them and after every meeting I am inspired to do whatever I can to make it happen.

Atlanta Birth Center: What has been your favorite part about your role as a volunteer?

Ashley: I have really loved getting to know the other volunteers. I seriously look forward to our meetings every month – what a fun group of people! Being a part of this movement has given me the opportunity to get involved in the “birthy” community here in Atlanta, giving me the chance to meet many devoted and inspiring people.

Atlanta Birth Center: Anything else you’d like to share?

Ashley: We have had such a great start, and I would encourage everyone to get involved however they can to continue to propel our vision forward. Even if all you do is talk to your friends and acquaintances about normal birth and Atlanta Birth Center, that is such a valuable part of spreading the word.

We are so lucky to have Ashley as part of our leadership team. She jumped right in from the beginning and has not slowed down. Her dedication, ambition, and skill are helping us deign new ways for our communities to grow together in heart, mind and screen.

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team? Contact or join our Facebook group for more volunteer opportunities.

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