Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers

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water birthOutcomes of Care in Birth Centers – NE Journal of Medicine

• 70.7% of women had only minor complications or none
• 7.9% had serious emergency complications during labor and delivery or soon thereafter, such as thick meconium or severe shoulder dystocia
• 15.8% were transferred to a hospital
• 2.4% had emergency transfers
• Of those transferred, 29% were first-time mothers and 7% had previous a pregnancy
• 4.4% rate of cesarean section
• 0% maternal death (no maternal deaths)
• 0.13% intrapartum and neonatal mortality rate (1.3 per 1000 births)
• The rates of infant mortality and low Apgar scores were similar to those reported in large studiesof low-risk hospital births

Alternative versus conventional institutional settings for birth – Cochrane Review

• Increased spontaneous vaginal birth
• Increased breastfeeding at six to eight weeks
• Very positive views of care
• Decreased use of epidural analgesia
• Decreased use of induction
• Decreased episiotomy
• There was no apparent effect on serious perinatal or maternal morbidity/mortality
• No adverse neonatal outcomes, or postpartum hemorrhage

Additional research supporting Birth Center Models of Care

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