Why Does Atlanta Need a Birth Center?

June 22, 2011 admin 0 comments

Our community has a strong need for a family-centric, holistic-minded sanctuary for birthing and primary care.  There are no birth centers in the metro Atlanta area and the nearest birth center in Georgia is 260 miles away in Savannah.  Local area hospitals cannot duplicate the birth center experience, as their model of care is based on Obstetrics, a medicalized process.  In contrast, the birth center model of care is based on the premise that pregnancy and birth are normal life events, and should be women-centered. This model includes continuity of care, mind-body-spirit-social monitoring, education, and prenatal care; attendance during labor; postpartum support; minimizing unnecessary interventions; specialist referrals where needed; and advocating options of care in various settings.

Our goal is to create an environment and an experience that is both unforgettable and profoundly reassuring to the expectant mother and family regarding the health and well being of their baby.  We encourage your participation in fulfilling this vision.


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