Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Aaron

March 19, 2015 Teresa Aaron 1 comment

A big thank you to Teresa Aaron for her many levels of support for Atlanta Birth Center! Teresa redesigned and manages ABC’s website and has also generously donated one of her fabulous heirloom-quality, jacquard woven baby wraps for our 2015 Gala Benefit Auction on April 11. Check out her business, Lalu Wovens, and come try your hand at bidding on her wrap at the gala!

Atlanta Birth Center: What is your background?

Teresa: I’m an interactive designer, but have a deep love for print design, typography and most recently textile design. I’ve worked in environmental design and in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, and was most recently employed as Senior Art Director at a large advertising agency in New York City, which I left to move to Atlanta with my husband a little over a year ago. Now, I’m the owner of a woven baby wrap company, Lalu Wovens, where I design and manufacture jacquard woven baby carriers.

Atlanta Birth Center: What was the inspiration for starting your Lalu Wovens business?LW7a

Teresa: In the beginning, babywearing meant my newborn would go from wailing to calm in a few short moments. It also allowed for the closeness that he and I needed in his fourth trimester. After that, it became an incredible tool for carrying him handsfree, getting him to nap, and bonding and talking about the things that we both see. I became obsessed with babywearing; I found it so incredible that putting my son in a sling wrap would end all the tears when nothing else would. Lalu started out of this obsession, my love of design and my desire to stay home with my son. I work closely with a family-run mill, that takes my designs and weaves them to exacting standards. I’m proud to say that Lalu Wovens’ wraps are exclusively manufactured here in the United States — from the yarns, to the weaving to the final finishing stitch.

Atlanta Birth Center: How did you get involved and what contributions have you made to Atlanta Birth Center?

Teresa: I was approached by a friend of mine, Dawn Martin, who asked if I’d be willing to help out with the website. So far, I’ve been able to give the site a more contemporary look and feel. I’m also excited to have the opportunity to donate a sling wrap to ABC for the gala auction.

LW9_smallAtlanta Birth Center: What has been your motivation for donating your time to Atlanta Birth Center?

Teresa: When I arrived in Atlanta, I was 36 weeks pregnant and had to find care fast! I landed in the capable hands at Emerge Birth Services, specifically Shari Aizenman and Margaret Byrne. I used a women’s clinic that delivers at Piedmont and was able to have the most incredible natural birth experience there, but the next time around, I have no desire to give birth in a hospital setting. I need ABC to become a reality and quick!! I’ve got number two on my mind!!

Atlanta Birth Center: What has been your favorite part about your role as a volunteer?

Teresa: I find it inspiring to be surrounded by others who do such great work for nothing more than their love of the cause. I have been trusted to play an important role in the future of Atlanta Birth Center, which makes me want to work harder and do a great job.

Atlanta Birth Center: Anything else you’d like to share?

Teresa: I’m excited to be working with such caring individuals. I want to encourage people to help anyway they can. We need the support of the community to make the Atlanta Birth Center a reality. There are so many great ways to help and I’d encourage anyone to take that step.


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